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About Fiskostar

About the company

The company was founded in 1995 by two people. They started off with window and door accessories wholesale, which activity has been dominating until today. During its lifetime the company has grown from that run by 2 people to a successful internationally operating organization, which employs more than 20 people.
During the development of the company we have always been focused on constant improvement to our business process and the choice of products. Continuous investments into the development process have enabled our partners to focus on their main spheres of activity and they see us as reliable suppliers of window and door furniture of good quality at affordable prices.

Choice of products

The choice of products offered by the company includes a variety of window and door accessories such us door hinges, doorknobs, door handles, locks, door slides, seals and many more. The product list includes over 5 000 different items. The constant expansion of the product portfolio and replacement of the obsolete products with the technically improved ones has been the most important company priority for years.
In addition to the wholesale, in spring 2003 we started a design project and within it we offer high quality handles and door accessories in wide variety of design and finishes. Our first and the main partner is Mandelli - one of the Italian oldest and most famous manufacturers whose design-products have already been fit up into hundreds of Estonian interiors.

Our customers

As we are mostly wholesalers, our biggest customers are window and door manufacturers as well as companies dealing professionally with building materials. Our private customers and enthusiastic family fathers we offer a wide variety of products in our representative office located in Tallinn.
As to the exclusive products, we work, in addition to the manufacturers, in close cooperation with interior designers and architects, and amongst their carefully selected and sincerely recommended products one can also find our designer goods.

Fiskostar OÜ has signed supply contracts with a number of different manufacturers over the world. Amongst the first signed contracts, in 1996 we signed an agreement with a production corporation Fiskars. Before signing a contract with a carefully chosen furniture manufacturer, we thoroughly consider its price-quality ratio and adequacy to the local target market. Today the company has over hundred suppliers in several Europe and Asia countries. Due to our aim permanently improve our product portfolio we are always open to fresh ideas refresh our list of suppliers.
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